Plugins for WordPress by Jonk @ Follow me Darling

When I don’t develop sites and plugins for others at Follow me Darling, I sometimes make free plugins for WordPress.

Settings for YouTube block

A plugin for prettier and smarter YouTube embed. Remove clutter and only recommend clips from the same channel as the clip.

Fullscreen mode B gone

A plugin that gets rid of that pesty fullscreen mode that you need to toggle every time you use a new device or clear your browser offline website data.

Welcome to the block editor B gone

A plugin that gets rid of that welcome message that’s showing up even if you’ve been using Gutenberg for years!


A plugin that gives Gutenberg the space it deserves. And it’s more than a paltry 610 pixels.

Cookies and Content Security Policy

A plugin that really blocks cookies until accepted by the visitor. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Sp*tify Play Button for WordPress

A plugin that lets you add a Spotify Play Button for albums, playlists or songs.

My Youtube Playlist

A plugin that shows a set of YouTube videos with thumbnails.

Category Thumbnail List

A plugin that lists all posts from a category with thumbnails.

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