My Youtube Playlist

A plugin that shows a set of YouTube videos with thumbnails.

This plugin adds a youtube video and a list of thumbnails of your choice. The thumbnails are clickable and replaces the first YouTube video without reloading the page.

All you have to do is copy the Video ID* from the YouTube videos you want to show and add it to the shortcode.

* The Video ID is the part after “v=”, in the example, the Video ID is 5fZSQV6Aw5c

The shortcode looks like this:

[myyoutubeplaylist 5fZSQV6Aw5c, KliWHCzE16c, eMRxqsB3ghc, -8JUTYj7Q30, _Ge4_stUpqs, XWIGbHhSsGs, nxg4C365LbQ, 9LZTcUc3D_M, 5NhijmGTwwo, 7G-QVmaZNn8]

And the result looks like this:

After the video you just watched ends, the next video plays automatically, or you can use the Next and Previous buttons in the player.

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