Cookies and Content Security Policy

A plugin that really blocks cookies until accepted by the visitor. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Block cookies and unwanted external content by setting Content Security Policy (CSP). A modal will be shown on the front end to let the visitor choose what kind of resources to accept. It also adds a layer of security for your site since iframes, scripts and images from unknown domains are blocked.

If you you are curious about CSP, listen to this episode of Darkned Diaries: Magecart, it’s about a hack that could have been prevented by CSP and saving Brittish Airways £183m.

Some reviews

One of the best plugins for cookie policy settings (Including paid ones). Easy to adjust and configure. 100% recommended. The plugin is great, but the support is even better!

Great job!


espaigràfic (@pereperello)

A simple and easy to use plugin if you really want to do right with cookies and content security.

liffeman (@liffeman)

This is the first cookie plugin that I understand what It is doing and how to setting things up.

gisselfeldt (@gisselfeldt)

It’s easy to manage and set and it legally works 100%, a lawyer firm worked with me on the web I used this plugin and told me it fully covered what the law demands

Thank you for this plugin, it took me 5 minutes to have the web covered!

MarinaAntares (@marinaantares)

This plug-in does the job, it’s easy to customize, has active updates and support.

Go for it!

Thank you guys!

galix (@galix)

Easy to use and actually works as a Cookie Consent should. By default it blocks every cookie. Just view the console for blocked resources and add them to the whitelist accordingly. Great plugin!

gisselfeldt (@gisselfeldt)

Not only does it actually comply with the GDPR (a lot of other plugins have already saved cookies when the popup shows ;)), it is very easy to use and easy to understand.

mattiaspkallio (@mattiaspkallio)

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